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Annual Conference 2017

18th – 21st July

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February 2017

The Winter edition of the Secretary’s Newsletter is here.

Treasure No 72

From October 2006, What are we saying by singing? by Rowan Williams is now available to read or download.
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Treasure No 71

From 2005, Peace and War in Hymns by David Wright, is now available to read or download.
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January 2017

The Hymn Society London Day

Saturday 11th February 2017
10.30 – 4.30

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December 2016

Executive Committee member, John Crothers, on French radio, recording the annual programme that introduces French-speaking listeners to English-language Christmas hymns and carols. More here.

New look website that incorporates our Facebook and Twitter feeds is launched (see panel on the right) to coincide with the 80th Anniversary of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Autumn 2016

The Autumn edition of the Secretary’s Newsletter is now available here.

October 2016

The Hymn Society celebrates 80 years, with special programme on BBC Radio.

Summer 2016

The Summer edition of the Secretary’s Newsletter is now available here.

June 2016

Short Guide 26 Myths About Hymns now available here.

Here are half a dozen ideas about hymnody which may – or may not – contain a grain of truth … as seen by a self-confessed hymn lover.

May 2016

Short Guide 25 Ordination Hymns now available here.

Ordinations and commissioning services happen in a variety of contexts, and are a cause of great celebration and spiritual power. Liturgies and traditions notwith-standing, the singing of hymns on these occasions plays a crucial role, and their selection is, therefore, not to be undertaken lightly.

May 2016

Short Guide 24 Confirmation Hymns now available here.

‘Confirmation’ covers various approaches to Christian initiation and commitment. When adults make a commitment and are received into membership of the church, the act of worship surrounding it can be a celebratory, evangelistic, sacramental expression of unity, and the hymns have a vital role to play in the blend of joy, hope and affirmation that a Confirmation should be.

May 2016

Short Guide 23 Baptism Hymns now available here.

Baptism can occur in different contexts and at different stages in life, yet the fundamental spiritual and ecclesiological purpose and outcome of such initiation is the same. Nevertheless, each context and understanding of baptism demands its own approach if they are going to be not only welcoming celebrations of commitment but opportunities to preach and sing the faith of Christ crucified and risen.

May 2016

Short Guide 22 Funeral Hymns now available here.

Christian funerals take place either in a church or at a crematorium or cemetery chapel. While the circumstances are different the issues surrounding the picking of hymns are similar. Hymn singing at funerals is in decline, so even greater care needs to be taken in using hymns to enhance the hope of a funeral, rather than increase the discomfort.

May 2016

Short Guide 21 Wedding Hymns now available here.

Many couples still choose to marry in church, yet the combined impact of more choice and the increasing lack of prior knowledge of hymnody has made it increasingly more difficult to accommodate their needs and desires with Christian integrity and wisdom. Tunes are the key to wedding hymns.

Spring 2016

The Spring edition of the Secretary’s Newsletter is available here.

Winter 2016

The Winter edition of the Secretary’s Newsletter is available here.

February 2016

Short Guide 20 Using Short Songs in Worship now available here.

The New Testament encourages believers to sing ‘Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs’, suggesting the Body of Christ needs a range of sung material. As well as hymns, the imaginative use of short songs of various kinds can enrich worship; this paper explores the repertoire of shorter songs and suggests ways of incorporating them into services.