Songs for Sighing 29th February 2020

Psalms for the Common Era

Hebrew Psalms in Modern Metrical English for Individuals, Choirs and Congregations.

Songs for Sighing
Healing the Wounds of Hurt and Failure

Using Adam Carlill’s fresh and lively translation of the Psalms, we will explore a variety of metrical psalms set to well-known hymn tunes, with special emphasis on those for use during Lent.

Saturday 29th February 2020

Wesley’s Chapel and Leysian Mission
49 City Road, London EC1Y 1AU

The Revd Dr Adam Carlill will be leading a day of reflection to help the beginning of our observance of Lent. Adam was moved to produce a metrical translation of The Psalms to ensure sung psalmody could thrive in regular congregational worship without the need for a trained choir. This will be an informal session where we will be singing, pausing and hearing about how the lament psalms can enrich our experience of Lent.

All are welcome.

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