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If you an existing member who has not created an account for this site you will need to register on this site to gain access to the exclusive members' content. If you have any problems please use the contact us website queries form. Thank you.

Below are all the options available to become a member of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Once you have decided to become a member, please see 'How to become a member' at the bottom of the page.

Subscription payments are conducted securely via PayPal, whether or not you have a PayPal account - Paypal accepts payment by credit/debit card but you will need to sign up to Paypal for subscriptions. This provides instant access to our Members' Area. If you prefer to pay by Standing Order, Bank Transfer or by cheque this is also possible and can be completed by you either using our Manual Payment option or by downloading and printing out our Application Form but you will have to wait for us to confirm payment before access to our Members' area is granted, thank you.

Members receive free access to our growing digital library of archive material and receive printed copies of the quarterly Bulletin, Secretary's Newsletter and Occasional Papers by post as well as being able to access them online. These contain a wide variety of articles and reviews as well as news and correspondence – all of these providing a unique record of the progress of hymnody for more than half a century.

A further benefit of membership is the ability to freely access the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology which alone currently costs £69.00 for an annual individual, UK subscription. So you can see what great value membership of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland really is.

Membership costs

How to become a member

To purchase a Membership subscription you will first need to register with us. If you are already a member of the Society you will need to fill in the registration form to access members' exclusive content.

Please open this page to register, filling in your username, password, full postal address and any other details on the registration form.

After completing registration you will be automatically logged in and taken to our registered customers' page which includes a link to the page for purchasing your membership through PayPal, Bank Transfer or cheque.

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