The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland: Privacy Notice

  1. How do HSGBI handle personal data? Our processing of personal data is in line with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is part of UK and EU law.

  2. How does GDPR say personal data should be handled? The principles of the GDPR assert:
    • that processing of personal data must be fair, lawful, transparent and secure;
    • that data will be used only in line with the purposes for which it was first collected;
    • that data will be kept up to date, with any necessary corrections made as quickly as possible;
    • that individuals will be identifiable within that data only while there is a legitimate reason to keep their data.

  3. What rights does an individual have and how are they reflected in HSGBI’s processes? You have the following legal rights:
    • The “right to be informed” about how we process your data. This Privacy Notice provides that information. Further details can be found in our Data Policy, available on our website or on request from the Secretary.
    • The “right of access” to the data we hold, and to know how we are using it. You can raise a Subject Access Request if this Privacy Notice does not answer your questions.
    • The “right to rectification”: if the data we hold is incorrect, you can ask us to change it. Where we have shared that data with other organisations (for example, through our joint membership arrangements) we will ask for the relevant changes to be made there as well. Sometimes it may not be possible to correct the error in full – for example, if a mistake was printed in a mailing to all our members we may ask you to agree to an apology and a correction with the next mailing.
    • The “right to erasure”: if you feel we no longer need to hold some or all of your personal data you can ask us to delete it. This also covers data which we have gathered with your specific “consent” (usually given using a tick-box on either our website or a paper form); if for some reason you change your mind, you can ask us to stop holding and using that data. However, please note that sometimes this may make it impossible for you to remain a member of HSGBI (e.g., if you ask us to delete your address, we cannot send you our mailings). We may also choose to keep some details for HSGBI’s historical records (for example, to keep a list of the names of those who attended past conferences).
    • The “right to restrict processing”: if you think the data we hold is inaccurate or that we are processing it unlawfully, you can ask us to stop using your data until we have resolved this issue. We will note the restriction on our data and pass your request to any third parties as necessary.
    • The “right to data portability”: this is a new right, applicable to certain kinds of automated processing. Our only automated processing is the use of a mailing list to members. We do not provide automated data links from our IT systems to those of other organisations.
    • The “right to object” to us using your personal data for profiling, direct marketing and some types of scientific and historical research and statistics in a way which may affect you. HSGBI does not engage in any of this type of processing.
    • “Rights related to automated decision making and profiling”: as above, this is not something done by HSGBI.

  4. What data does HSGBI collect, and how do we handle it? Full details of the data we collect and use, why legally we can process this data, and how long we keep it are found in our Data Policy, available from our website. We also only pass your data to other organisations when you ask us to (such as joint membership arrangements) or when we need to (such as mailing lists used by the printers who issue our mailings or special requirements at Conferences).

  5. How can I raise any questions, concerns or requests (including Subject Access Requests) or ask for corrections to my data? You can either use the “contact us” section of our website or write to our Secretary.

  6. What if I am not satisfied with the way you handle my personal data? GDPR-related data handling in the UK is overseen by the Information Commissioner’s Office, a government department, and you can complain to them if you feel it necessary.

  7. Our details
    • The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland (HSGBI)
    • Registered charity no. 248225
    • Contact details:
      • Online, through the Contacts page on the website
      • Postally, via the Secretary, whose contact details are on the main paper publications produced by HSGBI
    • Web site:

If you wish to download or print this Policy Notice out please open the PDF version, thank you.