O God of earth and altar: Martin Leckebusch

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) Public Domain Tune: KINGS LYNN Martin Leckebusch It’s natural, when something disruptive or threatening happens, to ask why – why this, why now, why me? Whether the tragedy is personal (bereavement, maybe redundancy) or more far-reaching (flooding, or even a pandemic), people look for reasons. And often, whether spoken or not, there is the question: What …

The Secretary’s Newsletter: No.75: Winter 2018

Secretary’s Newsletter 75 Winter 2018

The Secretary’s Newsletter: No.75: Winter 2018 From the Secretary: Revd Robert A. Canham Windrush Braithwaite KESWICK CA12 5SZ Phone: 017687 78054 Email: Please see our Contact page This Quarter’s mailing: With this mailing you will find enclosed the 2017 Festival of Hymns booklet from our Carmarthen Conference which was deferred from our Autumn (October) 2017 mailing. The accompanying Commentary to …

Bulletin 293 Volume 21 No12 Autumn 2017

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Bulletin 286 Volume 21 No5 Winter 2016

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Short Guide No 16: What are the Relative Benefits of Hymn Books, Service Sheets or Projectors?

Developments in technology have expanded the range of ways in which hymns can be presented during a service. No longer is it automatically assumed that hymn and service books will be handed out at the door. Even where they are, the time will come to replace these books—and then other options can usefully be explored. Among other possibilities, two of …

Bulletin 274 Volume 20 No5 Winter 2013

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Short Guide No 14: Building a Hymn Repertoire

Even with a single hymn book, a typical congregation probably has more hymns at their disposal than they can realistically use; add a supplementary book and access to online resources, and the choice rapidly becomes unmanageable. It is, however, possible to tap into these diverse sources and construct a workable repertoire for a congregation’s use. Here are some hints and …

Short Guide No 6: What Makes A Good Hymn?

Answering this question inevitably contains a subjective element: a hymn which one person finds comforting can seem mawkish to someone else, while one believer’s treasured old favourite can sound dated to another Christian. Here, as food for thought, are five balances and five contrasts which may help to identify hymns of quality… Five Balances A good hymn balances… Theology and …

Short Guide No 2: What Types of Hymns and Songs are Available?

Once, it was “hymns”. In recent years, many churches have adopted “worship songs” – sometimes alongside hymns, sometimes instead. Inevitably, however, the picture is far more complex than this. There are many different genres available for congregational use; here are a few of the main types and some of their strengths. Traditional Hymns Traditional hymns began to be written in …

Bulletin 258 Volume 19 No1 January 2009

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