Bulletin Volume Numbering

The Bulletin of the Hymn Society was first issued in October 1937, edited by the Revd Dr Millar Patrick. The first 41 issues were serially numbered only; and it was not until the change of editorship in January 1948, when Erik Routley succeeded Millar Patrick, that it was decided to designate a Volume Number. Thus Erik Routley’s first issue was “Vol. 2 No. 1”; issues 1-41 were henceforward referred to as “Volume 1” although this is not their printed designation.

During the next 27 years intermittent attempts were made to retain the consecutive serial issue number as well as Volume number and issue within Volume. This was not always achieved.

A timetable of four issues per year was generally maintained throughout Erik Routley’s editorship, but there were occasional gaps or double issues, as may be seen in the table. Two issues (No. 120 and 121, January and “Spring” 1971 respectively) were printed with an incorrect “number-within-Volume”; this was rectified in the November 1971 issue, No. 122 Volume VII.8.

Bernard Massey’s editorship began with Issue No. 132, Vol. VIII.6, February 1975, and there were three issues in that year and in each of the following nine years, to Issue No. 161, Vol. X.9, October 1977. Thereafter four issues have been published each year (January; April/May; July; October), with a fresh Volume number in each 3-year 12-issue set.

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Bulletin Volumes