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A deep debt of gratitude goes to Terence Atkins who produced the Classified Index to Vols I to X which appeared in 1986 and since then he has produced the Index to each and every subsequent volume. The recent printing and issuing to members of Index XX is something of a milestone in his endeavours. His work on Volumes I - XVII were turned into an Access database which was only made available to members of the Society and we are grateful for their work.

This is very much a work in progress. We have the most recent volumes XX, XXI  digitised and, as they are produced, issues for volume XXII. Only some parts of Volumes XX and XXI are currently linked but this too is under way and should be completed soon. The earlier volumes will be linked as their contents are digitised and uploaded to the site. Please do check back with us as more issues will be digitised and the indexes will be updated.

The Executive of The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Latest News regarding the indexes

We have completed adding links for volume XX. Volume XIX listings have been compiled, as issues for volume XIX are digitised the links will be added. Check back here for an update on which issues have been digitised.

Volume XIX No 269 (issue 12) has been digitised and all relevant links have been added to the tables.

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1. Authors

Please click on the title above the column to sort any of the columns alphanumerically. The author names are already sorted in this way.

NameArticle TitleTypeVolYearNoPage
Adams, G.Hymns for a Pilgrim People: A Congregational HymnalReviewXVIII2008254330
Adey, L.The Secularization of the Victorian HymnArticleIX1980147116
Akers, K.The Tune "Royal Oak"ArticleIV195780110
Allon, H.Preface to "The Congregational Psalmist Hymnal" (extract)ArticleX198215440
Ambrose, St.A QuotationArticleII194948112
Andrews, J.S.Letter (on "Jesus is Lord! Creation's voice proclaims it")LetterXV1999220245
Andrews, J.S.Some American Surveys of Popular HymnsArticleIX197814117
Andrews, J.S.Letter (More County Champions)LetterXIV1996208263
Andrews, J.S.The British Reception of a Late-Medieval Cradle HymnArticleIX1981152231
Andrews, J.S.Surveys of Popular HymnsArticleVI1968112193
Andrews, J.S.The Blackwell Dictionary of Evangelical Biography 1730-1860ReviewXV199721017
Andrews, J.S.Plymouth Brethren HymnodyArticleXV199721131
Andrews, J.S.Letter (on purity of rhyme)LetterXV199721396
Andrews, J.S.Letter (on Childhood and the Christian Hymn)LetterXIV1994201102
Andrews, J.S."As the Bridegroom to his Chosen"ArticleVII197011884
Anne Harrison‘Go Forth and Tell!’: The Jubilate Group from Youth Praise to ResoundworshipArticleXXII201829425
AnonThe Friendly BurglarArticleXVI2002233283
AnonHopes of HeavenArticleXIV1996208255
Arnold, J.Solemn and Strange MusicArticleXVII2004238114
Askew, R.Hymns and The Christian 'Myth'ReviewXI1987171216
Atkins, T.Conference 1998ArticleXV1998217170
Atkins, T.Conference 1979ArticleIX1980147113
Baker, B.Conference 2003 at CanterburyArticleXVII200323798
Baker, D.Conference 2003 at CanterburyArticleXVII200323798
Baker, H.Correspondence with J.B. DykesArticleVI19651031
Baker, T.New Hymns for New LiturgiesArticleIX1981150185
Ball, F.Letter (on tunes for ‘For the beauty of the earth’)LetterXX2013274203
Ball, F.Letter (on George Thalben-Ball)LetterXIX200925952
Ball, M.Baptist Praise and Worship - 5 CDsArticleXVII2004239142
Barnard, J.8787DArticleXVIII2007251192
Barnard, J.CD Reviews - The Complete New English HymnalReviewXVIII200624757
Barnard, J.CD Reviews - The Complete New English HymnalReviewXVIII2007250176
Barnard, J.Letter (on "Christians, Awake")LetterXIII1993195229
Barnard, J.CD Review: Come let us join our cheerful songs - Hymns from GlenalmondReviewXIX2010263241
Barnard, J.CD Reviews - The Complete New English HymnalReviewXVIII200624891
Barnard, J.Hymns of Love, Hope and Joy - CD ReviewReviewXVIII2007253292
Barnard, J.Letter (on "Hymns for Today's Church")LetterXIV1995202131
Barnard, J.New English Praise, A supplement to the New English HymnalReviewXVIII200624886
Barnard, J.Letter (on LEURA and CELESTE)LetterXVII200323551
Barnard, J.How do we promote good standards of hymn singing?ArticleXVII2005243245
Barnard, J.Letter (review of CDs of hymns)LetterXV1998214120
Barnard, J.The English HymnalReviewXVII2005243260
Barnard, J.Paul WigmoreObituaryXX2014280410
Barnard, J.Letter (on KINGSFOLD)LetterXVIII2007251212
Barnard, J.Praise to the Lord CDReviewXVII2005244292
Barnard, J.CD Reviews - The Complete New English HymnalReviewXVIII2006249134
Barnard, J.CD ReviewsReviewXVIII2006246357
Barnby, J.Preface to "Original Tunes to Popular Hymns..."ArticleV19619145
Barnett, J.L.An Arabic HymnalArticleXI1986169188
Barrett, J.O.Hymns among the BaptistsArticleIII195467164
Bartlett, L.Wesley Milgate 1916 - 1999ObituaryXVI200022349
Bartlett, L.Mutual Respect in Multicultural HymnodyArticleXVI2002230221
Baughen, M.A Transcript of the Sermon Given at the Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Michael SawardArticleXXI201528356
Bayly, A.F.Hymn Writing for Our TimesArticleVI1968113211
Baynes, S.An Annotated Anthology of HymnsReviewXVI2002233295
Bazin, F.Reading Between the Lines: The Everlasting Hills, the Recently Published Manx Hymn BookArticleXVIII2008257420
Beasley, J.Hymns on my Travels, No.1.ArticleXVI2002230226
Beattie, D.J.Letter (Tunes by Ladies)LetterIV19557415
Beckerlegge, O.Hymns of Eternal TruthReviewVIII1977140246
Beechey, G.Philip Doddridge (1702–1751) and His HymnsArticleXXI201528221
Beechey, G.Prudentius and his Hymns for Christmas and EpiphanyArticleXIX2010265331
Beechey, G.George Thalben-Ball and his Hymn TunesArticleXIX20092583
Beechey, G.A Note on Richard Baxter and his HymnsArticleXX2013274189
Bell, J.For Travellers and Absent FriendsArticleXVI200022487
Bell, J.Ten Golden RulesArticleXII1990185236
Benson, R.H.Wedding HymnArticleV19619491
Berry, J.Memories, Healing and Hymns: The Power of Words and Music in Shaping FaithArticleXXI20152823
Best, H.M.Hymn Tune WritingArticleIX197814224
Bevan, E.On "Hora Novissima"ArticleI193964
Biddle, N."The Anglican Hymn Book": A Printer's CommentArticleVI196510551
Black, B.Letter (on Wren's "Bring many names")LetterXV199721266
Blackall, A.K.Charles SteggallArticleIV195987220
Blair-Fish, J.Hymns and Human LifeReviewIII19526282
Blair-Fish, J.The Youth Sing BookReviewIII195365137
Blake, L.J.The Music of Charles WoodReviewIX197914583
Blake, L.J."Come and Sing" 1973ArticleVIII197312827
Blake, L.J.The Public School Hymn TuneArticleII195053180
Blake, L.J.New Light on Charles WoodArticleVII1972124194
Blake, L.J.The Music of Christian HymnodyReviewIV195882145
Blake, L.J.Percy Buck: A Centenary AssessmentArticleVII1971121132
Blake, L.J.The B.B.C. Hymn BookReviewIII1951582
Blakeney, E.H.A Hymn for TodayArticleII195155229
Blanchflower, D.Conference 2007ArticleXVIII2007253247
Blanchflower, D.Let's Praise 2ReviewXIV1995202126
Blanchflower, D.Letter (on the Act of Praise)LetterXVI2002233300
Blanchflower, D.International Conference 1997ArticleXV199721370
Blankson, HLetter (on tunes for ‘For the beauty of the earth’)LetterXX2013275237
Boston, N.Notes on his Book CollectionArticleV1964100210
Bowden, K.A Look at Hymnody in LancashireArticleXX2013275220
Bowden, K."The Burnley Tune Book": A Forgotten CentenaryArticleVIII1976137188
Bowden, K.Ebenezer Alfred TydemanArticleXVIII2008255324
Bowden, K.A Look at Hymnody in Lancashire (correction)ArticleXX2013276269
Bowden, K.Letter (on Singing the Faith)LetterXX2012273164
Bowden, K.Letter (on 'Jesus shall reign' verse 2)LetterXIX2011269510
Bowden, K.A Little PrimitiveReviewXVI2002233296
Bowden, K.Letter (Reply to Ian Sharp's article about Bacup Bulletin 292)LetterXXI2017293460
Bowden, K.Faith for the FutureReviewXV1999221271
Bowden, K.Letter (on "Ebenezer")LetterXVI2002231254
Bowers, J.The Hymn Texts of Alan GauntReviewXIII1992192151
Bradley, H.Letter (on Bulletin 243)LetterXVII2005244294
Bradley, H.Reclaiming Praise: Hymns from a Spiritual JourneyArticleXVIII2007252237
Bradley, I.Sullivan's Hymn-Tunes ReconsideredArticleXIII1992193172
Bradley, I.Trust in God and Christian Soldiers: The Hymn Tunes of Arthur SullivanArticleXX2013274175
Bradley, I.Letter (on "O valiant hearts")LetterXV1998216166
Bradley, I.Letter (Real Hymns)LetterXIV1996208263
Bradley, I.Celestial Drudges or Inspired Hacks?ArticleXIV1996206204
Bradley, I.Commentary on the Festival of Hymns of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland Cambridge International ConferenceArticleXXI2015285112
Braley, B.John Ellerton and "God of The Living"ArticleXI1986168157
Braley, B.Hope Publishing Company: Its Contribution to HymnodyArticleXIV1995204165
Braley, B.Copyright in Relation to HymnodyArticleXII1989179100
Bramwell, J.Music and Theology in Nineteenth-Century BritainReviewXX2012272110
Bramwell, J.An Exploration of the Place of Narrative, Biblical Text in Charismatic WorshipArticleXXI2015285134
Brattston, D.W.T.Traditional Christian Considerations for SingingArticleXIX2011268451
Brattston, D.W.T.Traditional Christian Considerations for SingingArticleXIX2011267419
Bridge, B.Delight That Never Dies: Hymn Texts 1997-2003ReviewXVII2004238135
Bridge, B.First FruitsReviewXVI2001228183
Bridge, B.Kingdom within: Fifty Hymns for Parish Services 1984ReviewXI198516588
Bridge, B.Peace Makers and Dream WakersReviewXVI2000225106
Bridge, B.Time to Celebrate: hymns and songs for a new millenniumReviewXVI2000225107
Bridge, B.Blinded by the Dazzle: Hymns and Lyrical Poems by Andrew PrattReviewXVI200022358
Bridge, B.Preaching on Favourite HymnsReviewXI1986168152
Bridge, B.The Only Earth We Know: Hymn Texts by Fred KaanReviewXV1999221267
Bridge, B.Peculiar HonoursReviewXV1999218198
Bridge, B.Conference 1992 (Part 1.)ArticleXIII1992193163
Bridge, B.Hymns for Everyday SaintsReviewXVI2002231247
Bridge, B.Sing Psalms: New Metrical Versions from the Book of PsalmsReviewXV1998215144
Bridge, B.Thora Hird's 'Praise Be!' NotebookReviewXII1990185242
Bridge, B.Creation SingsReviewXIII199118741
Bridge, B.Robert Tealby his PrizeArticleXIII1992193182
Bridge, B.Hymns of Universal PraiseReviewXVIII2007253283
Bridge, B.Sketches & SongsReviewXVI2001228183
Bridge, M.Conference 1992 (Part 2.)ArticleXIII1992193163
Bridge, M.Sing and Pray: Hymns, Songs and Prayers for ChildrenReviewXIII199118733
Bridge, M.Sound Bytes: 94 Songs for the 21st Century for children to share with everyoneReviewXVI200022360
Bridge, M.Rejoice Two: Songs for Celebration Ages 7 - 11ReviewXIII1993197276
Bridges, R.A QuotationArticleII194948111
Briggs, G.W.Cairns, W.T. (review of "The Religion of Dr Johnson and Other Studies")ArticleI1946364
Briggs, G.W.The Criticisms of Songs of PraiseArticleI1941141
Briggs, G.W.The Coming, and other HymnsReviewII19494795
Briggs, G.W.Hymns of Hope and UnityReviewII1948426
Briggs, G.W.The Conference at Jordans (1944)ArticleI1944283
Brittain, F.Episcopi Vagantes and HymnodyArticleIV195986210
Brittain, F.F.J.E. RabyObituaryVI1966108104
Browning, M.Meditation (on the "Scottish Psalter")ArticleXIV1995204168
Bruce, D.The Church Hymnary, Third EditionReviewVIII197412947
Brumm, J.The Mysterious American Odyssey of Hymns A & MArticleXII198817524
Bunn, L.H.English Presbyterian HymnodyArticleIII195365124
Bunn, L.H.A New Metrical Version of the PsalterReviewII195052173
Bunn, L.H.The Unitarian Faith in Unitarian HymnsReviewII19484414
Bunn, L.H.The Gospel Magazine, 1774-5ArticleIV19567527
Bunn, L.H."Julian" - Progress ReportsArticleVI196510559
Bunn, L.H.A Question (Paraphrase 58)ArticleIV195985193
Bunn, L.H.The Charleston Hymnal of 1792ArticleIV195985192
Bunn, L.H.The Scottish Metrical Psalter (1650 revised 1940)ReviewI1941166
Bunn, L.H.They Wrote our HymnsReviewV19619263
Bunn, L.H.Sweet SingerReviewII194948103
Bunn, L.H.Towards a Revised Metrical PsalterReviewI1941166
Bunn, L.H.A Hundred Years of Hymns Ancient and ModernReviewV19619261
Bunn, L.H.The Impact of "Hymns Ancient and Modern" on English HymnodyArticleV1964100198
Bunn, L.H.Hymns and WorshipReviewV19619262
Bunn, L.H.Some Traits of Unitarian HymnodyArticleII195154211
Bunn, L.H.Hastings as a Hymnologist (Part 1.)ArticleII195155217
Bunn, L.H.Isaac Watts, Hymns and Spiritual Songs 1707-48, A StudyReviewV196398160
Bunn, L.H.Congregational PraiseReviewIII19525926
Bunn, L.H.A Prayer Manual "The Spiritual Friend"ReviewIII19515817
Bunn, L.H.Hastings as a Hymnologist (Part 3.)ArticleII195157251
Bunn, L.H.Hastings as a Hymnologist (Part 2.)ArticleII195156233
Bunn, L.H.The Oxford Conference (1948)ArticleII19484562
Bunn, L.H.New Encyclopaedias on HymnsReviewII195154209
Butcher, V.The Public Schools' Contribution to HymnodyArticleIII195573254
Caird, G.B.Text of Address at Routley Memorial ServiceArticleX1983157114
Caird, V.M."Blest Pair of Sirens"ArticleI1947416
Caird, V.M.The Olney HymnsArticleII19494782
Cairns, W.T.Hymnody Past and PresentReviewI193836
Cairns, W.T.The Hymn as a Literary FormArticleI1947381
Cairns, W.T.One Generation...Unto AnotherArticleI1944261
Cairns, W.T.One Generation...Unto AnotherArticleI1944271
Cairns, W.T.Richard Baxter, Hymn WriterArticleI1943241
Cairns, W.T.The Relations between John Newton and William CowperArticleI1941161
Cairns, W.T.John Wesley and Das Deutsche KirchenliedReviewI193967
Cairns, W.T.The Constituents of a Good HymnArticleOP193711
Canham, J.Worship Live Issue 53, Autumn 2012 – Starting AfreshArticleXX2013274201
Canham, J.The 27th Conference of the International Fellowship of Hymnology at Thomaskerk, Amsterdam, August 11th-18th 2013ArticleXX2013277289
Canham, J. and R.Festival of Hymns in Trinity United Reformed Church, Lancaster High StreetArticleXX2012273122
Canham, R.In God Rejoice! Hymns & Psalms 2009-2012, Brian WrenReviewXX2013275233
Canham, R.Clive YoungObituaryXXI2016290337
Canham, R.Ruthie Thomas, You can’t keep a good song down: Eleven songs to warm the heart and praise the LordReviewXXI2016288252
Canham, R.Letter (on "When I survey the wondrous cross")LetterXVIII2008257454
Canham, R. and J.Festival of Hymns in Trinity United Reformed Church, Lancaster High StreetArticleXX2012273122
Capey, A."A & M" and "Eternal Father"ArticleX1983158151
Care, DLetter (on "To God be the Glory")LetterXVII2005245327
Carter, P.Bryan F.SpinneyObituaryXX2012272114
Carter, P.Samuel Wesley's Hymn TunesArticleXII198817413
Carter, P.L.In Melody and Songs – Hymns from the Psalm versions of Isaac WattsReviewXXI201528352
Castle, B.Percy Dearmer: A Parson's PilgrimageReviewXVI2001227166
Castle, B.Developments in the Near Future: Hymnals in EnglandArticleXX201227147
Chappell, P.Songs of God's PeopleReviewXII198817645
Chappell, P.Ways of Singing the Psalms 1984ReviewXI198516213
Chisholm, A.Letter (Crimond )LetterIII195466155
Cho, N.Anne Steele's Drowned FianceArticleXVII2004241198
Cho, N.From India's Coral Strand: An Introduction to Ellen Lakshmi Goreh (1853 - 1937), a British-Indian Woman Hymn WriterArticleXVIII2008255315
Clarke, M.Jonathan Battishill's "Twelve Hymns, the Words by Revd. Mr. Charles Wesley": Methodism in the Eighteenth CenturyArticleXVIII2008256379
Clarke, M.V.Durham Sings! Durham's contribution to English hymnodyReviewXIX2010263239
Clarke, M.V.Letter (in response to Michael Haighton’s concerns)LetterXX2014280411
Clarke, M.V.Sing We Merrily: Music for Eighteenth Century English ChoirsReviewXIX2009261139
Cleall, C.Why Plainsong?ArticleVI196610673
Coakley, J.F.Letter (on the abridged edition of "The English Hymnal")LetterXVIII2007250177
Coles, P.All over the place: 1.ArticleXVI2002231240
Constable, D.Above every name: Thirty Contemporary Hymns in Praise of ChristReviewXIX2010263234
Constable, D.New Dimensions in Europe: Hymnology Seminar in Timisoara, RomaniaArticleXVI2002232261
Constable, D.A Personal Impression of the 2009 International Conference held in Opole, PolandArticleXIX2010262185
Constable, D.I Will Not Sing AloneReviewXVIII2007250175
Constable, D.And Every Breath a SongReviewXX201227176
Constable, D.Hymn Writing in a Cultural Studies PerspectiveArticleXVII200323682
Constable, D.How Do We Promote Good Standards of Hymn-Singing?ArticleXVII2005242216
Constable, D.The Continuing History of "I vow to thee my country"ArticleXVII2005244280
Constable, D.Confessions of a Hymn- and hymn-song-writerArticleXXI2015286179
Copley, I.Charles Wood - And the Hymn Book that Never WasArticleVII1972124189
Copley, I.The Secularization of "Cranbrook"ArticleVIII1975133235
Copley, I.Edgar Pettman and the Carol RevivalArticleIX1981152225
Copley, I.Twenty-one Hymns Old and New for use as simple anthems (ed. J. Wilson)ReviewXI198516464
Cosnett, E.Language in Hymns: One Woman's ExperienceArticleXII1990182158
Cosnett, E.Language in Hymnody TodayArticleXV1998217174
Cosnett, E.International Conference on Hymnody1985ArticleXI198616699
Cosnett, E.The English Hymn: A Critical and Historical StudyReviewXV1998214113
Cosnett, E.Hymns in Literature: a few observationsArticleXIX2011266377
Cosnett, E.Never Let The Songs End: New Hymns To Inspire and UpliftReviewXIX2011269508
Cosnett, E.Walking by the RiverReviewXIX200925825
Cosnett, E.A report of the Conference of The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland at St Andrews 2016ArticleXXI2016289267
Cosnett, E.A (Female) Bookworm Reads Some HymnsArticleXIV1995205172
Cosnett, E.International Conference, Leuven, 18-23 August 1991ArticleXIII1992190100
Cosnett, E.Rejoice O People: Hymns and Poems by Albert Bayley with an introduction to the many and his work by David DaleReviewXVII2005243252
Cosnett, E.An English-speaking Hymnal GuideReviewXVIII200624751
Cosnett, E.Take up the Song (Australian Hymn Conference)ArticleXVI20002222
Cosnett, E.Agape: Songs of Hope and Reconciliation (with I. Sharp)ReviewXVII2004239166
Cosnett, E.Hymn for a Festival of ComedyArticleXI1986169187
Cosnett, E.Hymn Society Conference 2014, CirencesterArticleXX2014281419
Cosnett, E.New Songs of Celebration Render: Congregational Song in the Twenty-first CenturyReviewXX2014279372
Cosnett, E.Selah Songs of RejoicingReviewXX201427174
Cosnett, E.IAH Conference, Trondheim, 2007ArticleXVIII2007253249
Cosnett, E.A Door for the WordReviewXVIII2007252234
Crothers, J.Thanks and PraiseReviewXXI2016290329
Crothers, J.John Pollock - the Endeavours of a LifetimeArticleXIX2010263203
Crothers, J."Think Globally, Sing Locally" (1999 Conference of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada)ArticleXVI200022470
Crothers, J.Sing to the Word, Revised and Expanded EditionReviewXXI2017292408
Crothers, J.Impressions of the Hymn Society Conference, Armagh 2009ArticleXIX2009261107
Crothers, J.Companion to Thanks and PraiseReviewXXI2017291369
Crothers, J.The Challenge of the Worship Song: Keith Getty and Stuart TownendArticleXX2014281437
Crothers, J.John Pollock - the Endeavours of a LifetimeArticleXIX2010264278
Cunliffe-Jones, H.Wanted! New Hymn WritersArticleVI196510556
Darling, E.Church Hymnary - Fourth EditionReviewXVIII2006249124
Darling, E.Urbs Fortitudinis – A City of StrengthArticleXX2014278332
Darling, E.The Making of a Hymn-Book: The Church of Ireland's "Church Hymnal", 5th Edition (Part 1.)ArticleXVI2001226114
Darling, E.The Festival of Hymns 2009ArticleXIX2009261109
Darling, E.William Donald DavisonObituaryXX2013277308
Darling, E.William Henry (Harry) GrindleObituaryXX2013277309
Davies, R.Kenneth LysonsObituaryXVIII2006246359
Davis, C.Letter (on multi-faith worship)LetterXVI200022367
Davis, C.Letter (on "When I survey the wondrous cross")LetterXV1999220245
Davis, C.Letter (on opening hymns)LetterXVI2002233299
Davison, D.The Making of a Hymn-Book: The Church of Ireland's "Church Hymnal", 5th Edition (Part 2.)ArticleXVI2001226120
Daw, C.P.The Challenges of Creating a Hymnal CompanionArticleXIX2011266363
Dawney, M.Writing Music for Hymns TodayArticleX198215566
Day, R.Letter (on review of "Hymns for the People")LetterXIV199419822
Deans, G.Commentary on the Festival of Hymns of The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Saint Salvadore’s Chapel, Saint Andrews 2016ArticleXXI2016289274
Deans, G.Hymnody and Belonging (Part 2.)ArticleXV1999221254
Deans, G.Hymnody and Belonging (Part 1.)ArticleXV1999220230
Deans, G.Love's Open DoorReviewXIX2010263236
Deans, G.International Conference Cambridge 2015ArticleXXI2015285107
Deans, G.The Music of the Scottish Psalter (1929) and its relevance for worship in the Church of Scotland todayArticleXVIII2006246334
Deans, G.Songs of God's People: the Psalms made for singing (Vol. 2)ReviewXVII200323688
Deans, G.The Irish Presbyterian Hymn BookReviewXVII2005243247
Deans, G.Letter (Response to Professor Watson’s ‘The Christian Social Union, and Hymns Ancient and Modern (1904)’ in the Summer Edition of the Bulletin (379-385))LetterXXI2017293460
Dearing, J.Charles Hewitson Nash (1853-1928): a Maidenhead Hymn-WriterArticleXX2014278336
Dearing, J.Letter (No reference to William Cowper)LetterXXI2015286187
De Beze, T.Preface to the Glove PsalterArticleI1945314
Deeds, R.Hymns in PrisonArticleXVII200323535
Dewar, L.Hymns and TheologyArticleI1945304
Dickie, M.Amazing GraceArticleVII1972125217
Dickinson, A.Vaughan Williams - Musical EditorshipArticleIV195985188
Dickinson, A.Letter (Vaughan Williams)LetterV196399191
Dickinson, J.The English HymnalArticleXVIII2007250152
Dickinson, J.The Festival of Hymns 2010ArticleXIX2010265313
Dickinson, J.Sing Praise – Hymns and Songs for Refreshing WorshipReviewXX2012270249
Dixon, N.The Unpublished Poetry of Charles WesleyReviewXIII1993195224
Dixon, N."Hymns for Anti-Slavery Prayer Meetings" 1838ArticleVII1971120105
Dixon, N.A "New" Wesley HymnArticleX1984161204
Dobbs, J.The Early Quakers and the Singing of HymnsArticleXII1990183190
Dobson, M.Eagles' Wings and Lesser Things, hymns, prayers, drama and other resources for worshipReviewXVIII2008254332
Dobson, M.Memos for Methodists Messing with WesleyArticleXIX2009261135
Dobson, M.Let Deserts Bloom, Daily Devotions for LentReviewXX2013274193
Dobson, M.Welcome God's Tomorrow - 38 Hymn Texts by Ruth DuckReviewXVIII200624755
Dobson, M.Songs to shake us up: 200 new hymn texts with well-known tunes to challenge church and society, John CampbellReviewXXI2017292413
Dobson, M.Conference Hymn Festival Commentary, Charlton Kings – July 2014ArticleXX2014281426
Dobson, M.Christ TriumphantReviewXVIII2007251205
Drage, S.Between the Nene and the Welland: Some East Midlands Hymn-Tunes from the West Gallery PeriodReviewXIX2010265351
Dudley-Smith, T.A Task for the Hymn Society? A Consideration of the Representation of Hymn Writers in the National Portrait GalleryArticleXX2013276243
Dudley-Smith, T.Hymns and Songs in Christian Worship: Past, Present - and Future?ArticleXIX2010262167
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70 Treasures: the Birth of a Hymn Society Web-based ProjectXVIII200624879
100 Years on - the Centenary of Stainer & Bell Ltd.XVIII2007252226
26 Hymns (Fred Pratt Green)XIX2010262170
100 Hymns for TodayXX2012270537
100 Hymns for TodayXVIII2008257453
100 Hymns for TodayXIII1993194193
100 Hymns for TodayXVIII2008256406
100 Hymns for Today (1969)XIX200926079
100 Hymns for Today (1969)XIX2010262171
100 Hymns for Today (1969)XIX200925811
100 Hymns for Today (1969)XIX2010265325
100 Hymns for Today (1969)XVII200323664
100 Hymns for Today (1969)XIX2011267437
100 Hymns for Today (1969)XVII2004240181
Abide with me (Bradley)XV1998214114
Abide with me (Bradley)XV1998214116
A Ceremony of Carols (Britten)XIX2010265338
A Collection of Hymns for the Use of People called Methodists (1780)XX201227157
A Collection of Hymns for the Use of People called Methodists (1780)XX201227151
A Collection of Hymns for the use of the People called Methodists (1780)IX1980149170
A Collection of Hymns for the use of the People called Methodists (1780)III195364107
A Collection of Hymns for the use of the People called Methodists (1780)IX1981150191
A Collection of Hymns for the use of the People called Methodists (1780)OP111
A Collection of Hymns for the use of the People called Methodists (1780)OP119
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Christian Worship (1838)XII1990183195
A Collection of Psalm Tunes (1711)IV195985191
A Companion to Sing Alleluia (1988)XV199721128
A Daily Hymn-Book (1931)XVI2001227156
A Dictionary of Hymnology (Julian)XV199721126
Agape: Songs of Hope and Reconciliation (2003)XVII2005245303
A Historical Companion to A&M (1889)XIX200925943
A Historical Companion to Hymns A&M (Moorson)XI198516572
A Hundred Years of Hymns A&M (1960)XIX200926079
A Hundred Years of Hymns A&M (1960)XIX200925944
A Hymn for the Lectionary (1981)XVI200022365
A Hymn for Today, E.H. Blakeney (1951)II195155229
A Hymn of Praise (T.Dudley-Smith)XIX2011268450
Alexander's Hymns (1910)XIX200926061
Alleluia (Williams 1745)XV1998215132
Alleluia Aotearoa (1993)XIX200926074
Alleluia Aotearoa (1993)XIX200925815
Alleluia Aotearoa (1993)XIX200926063
Alleluya! Songs for thinking peopleXVII200323413
Always from Joy (Alan Gaunt)XVI200022215
A Manual of Plainsong for Divine ServiceXX2014279352
American Dictionary of HymnologyVIII197312718
Amor Vincit Omnia (Martin How)XIX2009261112
Ancient and Modern, Singing the Faith: Some Personal Reflections on Some Recent Hymn BooksXX2014280404
A New School Hymnal (1913)XII1990183203
A New School Hymnal (1913)XVI2001229211
Anglican Hymn Book (1965)XIX2009261148
Anglican Hymn Book (1965)XIX2010262172
Anglican Hymn Book (1965)XIX200926080
Anglican Praise (1987)XIX200926080
A Panorama of Christian Hymnody (2005)XVII2005245301
A Panorama of Christian Hymnody (Routley)XV199721129
Arundel Hymns (1898)XVI2001227152
Arundel Hymns, Part II (1899)XX2013277285
A Singing Heart (1987)XX2013277313
A Singing Heart (Clarkson)XIV1995204165
A Students' Hymnal (1923)VII196911758
A Study of Hymn writing and Hymn singing in the Christian Church (1990)XIX2011267436
Australian Hymn Book CompanionXV199721128
A Victorian Hymnal, The Preface fromX198215581
A Victorian Hymnal, The Preface fromX198215440
A voice of singing (T. Dudley-Smith)XIII1993197273
A voice of singing (T. Dudley-Smith)XIII1993196241
A Year of Grace (Daw)XIV1995204165
Baptist Praise and WorshipXIII199118846
Baptist Praise and WorshipXVI2000225103
Baptist Praise and WorshipXIII1993194197
Baptist Praise and Worship (1991)XIX200925813
Baptist Praise and Worship (1991)XVII2005244291
Baptist Praise and Worship (1991)XVII2004240180
Baptist Praise and Worship (1991)XVII2004239142
BBC Hymn Book (1951)XX2014281427
Big Blue PlanetXV1998217180
Big Blue PlanetXIV1996207233
Big Blue Planet (1993)XVI200022358
Big Blue Planet (1993)XVI200022360
Blinded by the Dazzle (Pratt)XX2012273126
Break not the circleXIX2009261101
Brightest and Best (1875)XVII2005244266
Canadian Book of Common Praise (1947)XIX200926066
Canenon FfyddXIX2010262169
Cantata DominoXIX2010262193
Cantata DominoXIX2009261104
Cantate DominoXII198817769
Cantate DominoXVII2004238120
Cantate Domino (1974)IX197914463
Cantate Domino (1974)XV1999221267
Carol PraiseXIX2010262169
Carols for TodayXI1987172233
Carols for Today (1986)XX2014280410
Carols of the Resurrection (1912)IX1981152228
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Faith will sing (Damon)XIV1995204165
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Hymns and Psalms Supplementary Notes to the CompanionXIII199118620
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Hymns and SongsXIII1992193159
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Hymns and the Faith (Routley)XV199721129
Hymns for Anti-Slavery Prayer Meetings 1838VII1971120105
Hymns for a Troubled World (Beall/Carter)XIV1995204166
Hymns for BoysI1944274
Hymns for BoysI1944281
Hymns for Children (Neale) (1844)XVII20032349
Hymns for Church and SchoolXIII1992193159
Hymns for Church and SchoolXIII1992193162
Hymns for Condemned MalefactorsXV199721380
Hymns for Everyday SaintsXX2014281429
Hymns for Little ChildrenXIV1995205174
Hymns for Little ChildrenXIV199419948
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Hymns for Men and Women (1915)VI196510312
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Hymns for the PeopleXIV199419954
Hymns for the PeopleXIV199419822
Hymns for the PeopleXIV199420182
Hymns for the Times (1974)VIII197513295
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Hymns for the Use of the People called Methodists (1780)OP119
Hymns for Today's ChurchX198315696
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Hymns for Today's ChurchXIV1995202111
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Hymns for Today Discussed (1984)XV199721127
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Hymns for Today’s Church (1982)XX2014281447
Hymns for Worship 1943 (U.S.A.)IV1956745
Hymns for Young PeopleIII195573260
Hymns from the Land of LutherXX2013277284
Hymns in a Man's LifeXVIII2006246342
Hymns in a Man's Life D.H. LawrenceIII195468185
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Hymns of the Kingdom (1923)VII196911758
Hymns of the Primitive Church (1837)III19525923
Hymns Old & NewXV1999218204
Hymns Old & NewXV1998215142
Hymns Old & NewXVI2001227151
Hymns Old & New (1941)I1941171
Hymns Old & New (1941)I1942194
Hymns Old & New (1941)I1942187
Hymns Old & New (1977 - 2008)XX2012273145
Hymns Old & New (1977 - 2008)XX2012272105
Hymns Old & New (1977 - 2008)XX2013274181
Hymns Old & New (Anglican)XVI2000225106
Hymns Old and NewXIX200926081
Hymns on the Air (1947)I19474014
Hymns on the Air (1947)I1947411
Hymns on the Lord's Supper (Wesley 1745)XIV1996209273
Hymns Sacred to the Lord’s Table, collected and methodized (1712)XX2013275220
Hymns That Have Helped (1896)VI1968112197
Hymns Today (1943)I1943233
Hymnwriters (Braley)XIX2010262168
In Concert Sing: concerning hymns and their usage (Barnby)XVI2002233292
Independent Methodist Tune Book (1892)XX2013275229
In Every Corner Sing (Murray)XIV1995204166
Inspiring Hymns (1951)XVII2005244269
In the Present Tense (Sydney Carter)XVII200323532
In Tune With HeavenXVI2001226142
In Tune with HeavenXIII1993194199
In Tune with Heaven (1992)XX2014281420
Irish Church HymnalXIII199118612
Irish Church HymnalXIX2010262170
Irish Church PraiseXII1990185227
Irish Church Praise (1990)XIX2010262170
Irish Church Praise (1990)XX2013277308
Irish Church Praise (1990)XVI2001226115
Irish Church Praise (1990)XVI200022591
Irish Church Praise (1990)XVI2001229200
Irish Church Praise (1990)XX2013277282
I Vow to Thee, my CountryX19821531
I Vow to Thee, my Country - the Continuing HistoryXVII2005244280
Jesu, Lover of my SoulX1984160194
Jesu, the very thought is sweetXIV1995202115
Jubilate! Church Music in the Evangelical Tradition (1986)XX2013277313
Jubilate, Amen! A Festschrift (2010)XX2013277313
Jubilate, Amen! A Festschrift (2010)XX2013277314
Labour's Song Book (Independent Labour Party 1926)XV1998216166
Lead, Kindly Light, Tunes forV19619373
Let's PraiseXII1989181138
Liber Cathermerinon (Prudentius)XIX2010265331
Lord, it belongs not to my careX198215438
Lord Jesu Christ, our Lord most dearIX1981152231
Lord’s Prayer, settings ofXX2013275229
Love's endeavour, love's expenseXVII2005245300
Love divine, all loves excelling, Tunes forV19619374
Many and Great (1990)XVI200022478
Methodist Hymn-Book Companions and IndexesXV199721129
Methodist Hymn-BookCompanions and IndexesXV199721130
Methodist Hymn-Book Companions and IndexesXV199721127
Methodist Hymn Book (1904)III195365134
Methodist Hymn Book (1904)XX2012273132
Methodist Hymn Book (1933)XVI200022234
Methodist Hymn Book (1933)XVI2002230219
Methodist Hymn Book (1933)XX201227157
Methodist Hymn Book (1933)XIX2010262173
Methodist Hymn Book (1933)XVI2002233300
Methodist Hymn Book (1933)IX1980149175
Mirfield Hymn Book (1922)XVII20032344
Mirfield Mission Hymn-BookXV199721014
Mission PraiseXVII2005243242
Mission PraiseXIII1993194202
Mission PraiseXVII2004239142
Mission PraiseXV199721263
Mission PraiseXIX200926080
Mission PraiseXIV199420180
Mission PraiseXIII1992193179
Mission PraiseXVI2002230227
Mission PraiseXVII2004239144
Mission PraiseXVII2005245320
Mission PraiseXVI200022474
Mission PraiseXVI200022476
Mission PraiseXVI2002231249
Mission PraiseXX2012273145
Mission PraiseXIV1995203141
Mission PraiseXV199721264
Mission PraiseXIII1993194199
Mission PraiseXIII1993197261
Mission PraiseXV1998216162
Mission PraiseXX2013274181
Mission PraiseXV1999221270
Modern Christmas Carols, 1892 (Pettman)IX1981152226
More Hymns for Today (1980)XIX200926079
More Hymns for Today (1980)XIX200925812
More than Words (2000)XVII2004239163
Multi-coloured MazeXIX2011269474
Musica BritannicaXIX2009261139
My Grace is SufficientXVII2003237111
My Grace is SufficientXVII200323664
New Catholic HymnalXI1986168164
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XVI2001227170
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XIX2010262171
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XX2012273139
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XX2013275227
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XX2012272105
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XV1999218204
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XV1999218190
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XVI2002230218
New Catholic Hymnal (1971)XIX200925815
New Catholic Hymn Book (1998)XX2012272105
New Church PraiseXVII200323795
New Church PraiseXVII2004238138
New Church Praise (1975)XIX200925811
New Church Praise Commentary (1975)XV199721127
New Congregational Hymn Book (1859)V1964100199
New English HymnalXX2014280390
New English HymnalXX2014280406
New English Hymnal (1986)XVII2005244272
New English Praise (2006)XIX200925952
New Horizons (1974)XVII200323532
New Hymns for All Seasons (1969)XIX2010264304
New Life (1971)XVII200323532
New Orbit (1972)XVII200323532
New People's Hymnary (1928)XIX200925932
New Songs for the Church (1969)XVII200323532
New Songs for the Church (1969)XX2012270536
New Songs for the Church I and IIXV1998217182
New Songs of Asian CitiesXIX2009261104
New Songs of Asian CitiesXIX2010262193
New Songs of PraiseXIX2010262169
New Songs of PraiseXII19881745
New Songs of PraiseXII1989179110
New Start Hymns and Songs (1999)XX2013277281
New Version (Tate and Brady, 1696)XIX2011267409
New Version (Tate and Brady, 1696)XIX200926084
New Zealand Hymn Book (1990)XVII20032345
Oasis Two (poem)XV199721148
Odes of SolomonOP24
Odes of SolomonXIX2011268454
O God of Earth and Altar: A Cautionary TaleXV1999220240
O God of our divided worldX1984161211
Olney HymnsXVII200323667
Olney HymnsXVII2003237110
Olney HymnsXVII2005245312
Olney HymnsXVII20032343
Olney Hymns (1779)XX2013277285
Olney Hymns (1779)XIX2011269480
Olney Hymns (1779)XVI2002233281
O quanta qualiaXII1990185230
O quanta qualiaXII1990184214
Oratory Hymns (1854)XIX2009261119
Our God, our helpXI1986168153
O valiant heartsXV1998217187
O valiant heartsXV1998216166
O valiant heartsXV1998217186
O Worship the KingXII1989181155
Panorama of Christian HymnodyXIX2010262168
Parochial Hymn BookXVI2001227152
Partners in Praise (1979)XVII200323532
Piae Cantiones (1582)XIX2010265335
Pilgrim's ProgressXIX2011269476
Pilgrim Hymnal (1904)XX2012273131
Pilgrim Hymnal (1904)XVII200323418
Pilgrim PraiseXIV1996206195
Pilgrim Praise (1968)XIX2010262193
Pilgrim Praise (1968)XV1999221267
Pilgrim Praise (1968)XIX2009261103
Pilgrim Praise (1968)XIX2010262172
Pilgrim Praise (1972)XVII200323532
Plymouth Collection of Hymns and Tunes (1855)XIV1995203149
Practical Hymns (1935)XX2013275229
Praise! (2000)XIX2011267427
Praise! (2000)XIX2010262170
Praise! (2000)XIX200925950
Praise, Words and Music by Erik RoutleyX198315688
Praise for All Seasons (1994)XIX2010264304
Praise for Today (1974)XVII2004239143
Prayers and Hymns for Junior Schools (1933)XVII200323413
Praying Thrice: a book of prayers based on hymnsXX2012273120
Praying Thrice: a book of prayers based on hymnsXX2013277283
Psalm Praise (1973)XVII2003237105
Psalm Praise (1973)XIX2011267415
Psalm Praise (1973)XIX200925951
Psalm Praise (1973)XVII2004240180
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Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship (1867)III195365126
Psalms for TodayXX2014278344
Psalms for TodayXX2014280410
Psalms for Today (1990)XIX2011267415
Psalms of David, Watts, 1719VIII197413057
Psalms of David, Watts, 1719III195572238
Psalms of David, Watts, 1719II19484553
Psalms of Patience, Protest and Praise (1993)XX2014278344
Psalter HymnalXIX2011267417
Reflecting PraiseXIII1993196243
Reflecting Praise (1993)XV1998217179
Rejoice and SingXIII199118857
Rejoice and SingXIII199118966
Rejoice and SingXIV199419946
Rejoice and SingXIII199118847
Rejoice and SingXIV1995203148
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XIX200925813
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XIX2010262170
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XV1999219217
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XV1999219216
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XVII200323419
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XVI2002230216
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XVII2005245320
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XIX200925937
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XX2012270552
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XVI200022594
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XV199721014
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XV1998216163
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XVII200323795
Rejoice and Sing (1991)XVI2001226116
Rejoice in the LordXI198516566
Rejoice in the Lord (1985)XVI2001226141
Rejoice O PeopleXVII2005245303
Revised Church Hymnary (1927)XX2013277284
Revival Hymn Book (Booth)XX2013275212
Revival Hymn Book (Booth)XX2012273147
Revival HymnsXX2013275208
Revival Music (William Booth)XX2012273148
Revival Music (William Booth)XX2013275212
Sabbath Chimes, W.M.Punshon, 1867VI1968113225
Sacred Songs and SolosXVII2005244267
Sacred Songs and Solos (1873)I1940133
Sacred Songs and Solos (1905)XIX200925936
Salvation Army Music (1880, 1900)XX2012273150
Salvation Army Music (1880, 1900)XX2012273151
Salvation Army Songs (1899)XX2013275217
Salvation Army Songs (1899)XX2012273151
Salvation SolosXX2012273150
Salvation to God who sits on the throneXIV1995202131
Salvation to God who sits on the throneXIV1994201102
Salve! Festa diesV196398155
Salve! Festa diesIII195467169
Savoy Hymnary (1870)IX1981152231
School Worship (1926)XIX20092583
Scottish Church HymnaryXIX2010262170
Scottish Hymnary (CH4)XVII2004241191
Scottish Mission Hymn BookXIX2010264287
Scottish Mission Hymn BookXIX2010263203
Scottish Psalter (1650)XIX2010262163
Scottish Psalter (1929)XVII2005243248
Scottish Psalter of 1650XVII2004240183
Scripture in Song (1979-1988)XIX200926065
Sing, God’s Easter PeopleXX2013277280
Sing Alleluia (1987)XIV1995202128
Sing Alleluia (1987)XVI2002230221
Sing Alleluia (1987)XVI2002232273
Sing and Pray (1990)XX2013277310
Sing a New Song (2000)XVII2004240175
Sing GloryXVII2003237105
Sing GloryXVI2001226128
Sing Glory (1999)XIX2011267415
Sing Glory (1999)XIX2010262169
Sing Glory (1999)XIX200925951
Sing God's Glory (ed. Luff)XIX2010263242
Sing His GloryXV1999218200
Singing for ChildrenXVII20032349
Singing LoveXII1989180132
Singing the FaithXIX2011267432
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2013275229
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2014280404
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2014280411
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2012273120
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2012273130
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2013274182
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2012273168
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2012273164
Singing the Faith (2011)XX201227157
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2014279380
Singing the Faith (2011)XX201227164
Singing the Faith (2011)XX2013275237
Singing the Faith (2011)XX201227152
Singing to God (Perry)XIV1995204167
Singing without SeeingXVII200323414
Sing of the Lord's Goodness (Thomas More Centre)XIII1993197267
Sing PraiseXX2014280406
Sing Praise (1981)XIX200926063
Sing Praise (1981)XIX2011269510
Sing PsalmsXVII2004241194
Sing Psalms (1997)XVI2001228178
Sing the Mass (1975)XX2012273139
Sing to the LordXX2013277310
Sing with all my SoulXIV199420181
Songs and Hymns of FellowshipXX201227165
Songs Before UnknownXV1999219214
Songs for a Rainbow People (1998)XIX200926064
Songs for Baptists (1881, 1892)XX2013275224
Songs for the Seventies (1972)XIX200925811
Songs for the Seventies (1972)XVII200323532
Songs for TodayXIX2011267428
Songs from the PsalmsXIX2011267415
Songs from The PsalmsXX2014278344
Songs in the NightXX2013277312
Songs of Faith and Doubt (1964)XVII2004240179
Songs of FellowshipXX2013277296
Songs of FellowshipXX2014280405
Songs of FellowshipXX2012273145
Songs of God's People (1988)XV1998216159
Songs of PraiseXIV199419945
Songs of PraiseXVII2004238123
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Songs of PraiseXIV1996209276
Songs of PraiseXVII200323552
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Songs of Praise (1925/1931)XV1998215140
Songs of Praise (1925/1931)XV1998217170
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Songs of Praise (1925/1931)XVI200022354
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Songs of Praise (BBC) - Top TenXIII1993195223
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Songs of Praise (BBC TV)XX2014281437
Songs of Praise (BBC TV)XX2014280404
Songs of Praise (Television)XVII2005242229
Songs of Praise (TV)XVI200022485
Songs of Praise (TV)XIX2010262173
Songs of Praise (TV)XV1998217170
Songs of Praise (TV)XVI2002231246
Songs of Praise (TV)XV1998217181
Songs of Praise (TV)XVI2002233294
Songs of Praise (TV)XV1998215140
Songs of Praise - Top TenXI198516348
Songs of Praise Discussed (1933)XVII2004240178
Songs of Praise Discussed (1933)XV1999220240
Songs of Praise Discussed (1933)XV199721128
Songs of Praise Discussed (1933)OP116
Songs of Praise Discussed (1933)XVII2005242218
Songs of Praise Discussed (1933)I1940132
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Songs of Syon (1904)III19526045
Songs of Syon (1904)VII1972124190
Songs of Syon (1910)XVII20032343
Songs of Syon (Woodward)XI198516451
Songs of the People of GodXVI2002230221
Songs of the People of GodXVII200323551
Songs of the People of God (1982)XV199721128
Songs of the Salvation Army (1878)XX2012273149
Songs of the Salvation Army (1878)XX2013275213
Songs of Worship (1980)XIV199420182
Songs of Worship (1980)XIX2011268466
Sound Bytes (1999)XVI200022359
Sound of Living WatersXIX200925815
Sound of Living WatersXIX200926091
Sound of Living Waters (1974)X198215317
Sound the Bamboo: CCA Hymnal(2000)XX2012272107
Southport Hymnal (1875)XX2013275229
Spiritual Melody Keach, (1691)I1941176
Spiritual Songs (1918)VII196911757
Spring Harvest 2002 Song BookXVII200323680
Spring HarvestXIX2010262169
Stories of our Mormon Hymns (1971)XVI2000225109
Strengthen for ServiceXIX2011266377
Sunday Half HourII195052174
Sunday Half Hour (BBC)XVI2002233281
Sunday Half Hour (BBC)XVI2002233286
Sunday Half Hour (BBC)XVI2001226126
Sunday Half Hour, An AmericanXIII1992191134
Sunday School HymnsXX2013275220
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Supplement 99 (Hope)XIX2011267425
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The Ancient Music of Ireland (1855)XIX2009261119
The Ancient Music of Ireland (1855)XIX2009261109
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The Bristol Tune BookXI1987170193
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The Bristol Tune Book 1863, 1876 etcOP410
The BulletinXVI2002230216
The BulletinXVI2001229210
The BulletinXVI2002230214
The BulletinXVII200323689
The Bulletin - Back Numbers and Classified IndexXII198917895
The Bulletin - Back Numbers and Classified IndexXII198817420
The Burnley Tune Book - A Forgotten CentenaryVIII1976137188
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The Canterbury Dictionary of HymnologyXX2013276251
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The Catholic Hymn Book (1998)XX201227297
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The Christian Year, 1827III19525922
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The Church Hymn and Tune Book, 1852III19526043
The Church Hymn and Tune Book, 1852III19525925
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The Divine Companion, 1707III19526288
The English HymnXIX2010262168
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The English Hymn (1997)XVII2004238126
The English Hymn (1997)XVII2004240181
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The English Hymnal - A&M and E.H.X1984161210
The English Hymnal - and I1947389
The English Hymnal - and John JulianX1984160183
The English Hymnal - A Point of BibliographyVI1967109141
The English Hymnal - Slips Corrected (1963)V196399191
The English Hymnal - The Literary AspectsIV19567634
The English Hymnal - The Musical BeginningsIV19567650
The English Hymnal - Welsh Tunes inVII197011874
The English Hymnal Service BookXV199721391
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The European PsalmistXIV199419812
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The Handbook to the Church Hymnary Third EditionXVII2005242230
The Handmaid of Piety, and other papers (1992)XV1999220239
The Handmaid of Piety, and other papers (1992)XV199721129
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The Hosanna Songs of The Salvation ArmyXX2012273150
The Hymn (H.S.U.S.C.)XVI2001228184
The Hymnal (U.S.A. Presbyterian)IV1956745
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The Hymnal 1940XV1998217188
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The Lock Collection, 1769I1945327
The Lock Collection, 1769III195469200
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The Londonderry AirXIII199118618
The Londonderry Air in HymnodyXV1999218196
The MagnificatXX2014280402
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The National AnthemXX2013275224
The National AnthemXX2014279357
The Nazarene’s Songs (Gadsby)XX2013275222
The New Congregational Hymn Book (1859)XI1987173265
The New Dictionary of HymnologyXIX2010262168
The New Dictionary of HymnologyXIX2010265350
The New Dictionary of HymnologyXIX2010263232
The New English HymnalXI198516455
The New English HymnalXI198516567
The New English Hymnal (1985)X1984161210
The New English Hymnal (1986)XVI2001226133
The New English Hymnal (1986)XIX200925952
The New English Hymnal (1986)XIX200926079
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The Newick Hymn Book, 1911VII1972123173
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The Only Earth We Know (1999)XIX200926199
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The only earth we know (Kaan)XX201227292
The Oxford Book of CarolsXVI2001227167
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The Oxford Hymn Book, 1908II1948434
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The Path to HeavenXX201227296
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The Public School Hymn BookXX2014279352
The Public School Hymn BookXX2014280404
The Public School Hymn Book (1919)XVII200323551
The Public School Hymn Book (1919)XVI2001226128
The Public School Hymn Book 1903, etcIII195573257
The Public School Hymn Book 1903, etcII195053181
The rich man in his castleXVI2001227165
The Rich Man in his CastleV19619490
The Rich Man in his CastleV19619376
The Rich Man in his CastleV19619490
The Rimington HymnalXX2012273133
The Rodborough HymnalVI1968113214
The Royal Hymnal, 1889VI1968112196
The Salisbury Hymnal, 1857IX197814112
The Salvation Army Song Book (1878)XX2012273149
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The Salvation Soldier’s Song BookXX2012273150
The School Hymnbook of the Methodist Church (1950)XVII200323410
The Scottish Hymnal, 1870 and 1884III19526165
The Scottish Hymnal, 1870 and 1884III19526163
The Scottish Mission Hymnbook - from the PrefaceXI1987171222
The Scottish PsalterXIV1995204168
The Scottish Psalter, Tercentenary ofII195053177
The Scottish Psalter of 1635, Livingston's EditionI1946365
The Sea of Glass (Williams 1762)XV1998215132
The Son of God Proclaim (1987)XX2013277280
The St. Olave's HymnalXII1990184206
The St Olave's Hymnal (1903)XVI2002230220
The Union Tune Book (1837)XVII2004238138
The Use of Hymns (1990)XVII2005242224
The Use of Hymns (Dunstan)XX2012270545
The Use of Hymns (Dunstan)XV199721130
The War CryXX2012273150
The War CryXX2013275214
The Westminster HymnalXV1999218204
The Westminster Hymnal (1912)XVI2001227153
The Westminster Hymnal (1940)XIV1995202117
The Westminster Hymnal (1940)XIII1992191131
The Whole Booke of PsalmesXIII1992191125
The Whole Book of Psalms (1562)XVII2005244287
The Whole Book of Psalms (Ravenscroft) (1621)XVII20032343
The Winds of GodXIII1993196251
The Winewall Tune BookXX2013275225
The Yattendon HymnalXVII2004240188
The Yattendon HymnalXIV199420194
The Yattendon HymnalXIX2011266363
The Yattendon Hymnal, 1899III195467157
The Yattendon Hymnal, 1899III19526044
The Yattendon Hymnal, 1899OP112
The Yattendon Hymnal, 1899IX1981151208
The Yes of the Heart (Edwards)XIV1995204167
The Zulu Hymn BookI1940138
The Zulu Hymn BookVIII19731271
This is Our Song: Women’s Hymn-Writing (2010)XX2014281427
This is Our Song: Women’s Hymn-Writing (2010)XX2012270526
This is our SongXIX200926090
Times of RefreshingXIX200925939
Together in Song (1999)XVI20002222
Together in Song (1999)XVII200323687
Together in Song (1999)XVI2002230221
Together in Song (1999)XIX200926066
Together in Song (1999)XVI2002232273
To God be the Glory - the Saga ofXVII2005245327
To God be the Glory - the Saga ofXVII2005244266
To Sing God's Praise (Daw)XIX2011267408
To Sing God's Praise (Daw)XIV1995204167
Trinity Hymnal (1961) - quote from prefaceXIV199420075
True Worship: Reclaiming the Wonder and Majesty (1998)XX2013277313
University Carol Book, 1923IX1981152229
University Carol Book, 1923IX1981151224
Veni, Creator Spiritus - John Dryden's Translation ofXIV199419820
Veni Creator SpiritusVI196610665
Veni Creator SpiritusIII195467168
Veni ImmanuelIV195985193
Veni ImmanuelVII197011865
Veni ImmanuelVI1966108113
Veni ImmanuelVII1970119102
Veni ImmanuelVI1967109141
Vexilla RegisIII195467167
Vexilla RegisXIII1993194186
Vexilla RegisXIII1993195230
Vexilla RegisVII196911518
Vivia Perpetua (1845)XX2012273132
Voce di Melodia (William Holford)XI1986166113
We Can Be Messengers (Wren and Heafield)XVI2002230233
West Gallery Harmony BookXX2013275222
West Gallery Harmony BookXX2013275230
Westminster Carol Book, 1899IX1981152227
Westminster Hymnal (1912)XVII200323428
Westminster Hymnal New and Revised Edition (1940)XVI2001227148
Westminster Hymnal New and Revised Edition (1940)XVI2001227156
Westminster Praise (1976)XIII1992191134
Whatever Name or Creed (Pratt)XVI2002233293
When I survey the wondrous crossXVIII2008257454
When Jesus claims the sinner's heart: John Newton (1725 - 1807), from Infidel to Olney Hymn WriterXVIII2007253255
When Jesus claims the sinner's heart: John Newton (1725 - 1807), from Infidel to Olney Hymn WriterXVIII2008254299
Who would true valour seeXI1986169186
With One VoiceXIV1995202128
With One VoiceXI1987172235
With One Voice (1977)XIX200926066
With One Voice (1977)XVI2000225100
With One Voice (1977)XVI2002232273
With One Voice (1977)XVI2002230221
With One Voice (Australia) 1977IX1980149161
Women in TheologyXIX200925815
World PraiseXIV199420182
World PraiseXVII2004239167
World PraiseXIV1996206202
World PraiseXIV1995205170
World Praise (1993 and 1995)XVI200022478
World Praise (1995)XV1998217178
World Praise (1995)XV1998216162
World Praise (1995)XV1998216150
World Praise (Inculturation and Authenticity)XVI200022478
Worship LiveXX2014281423
Worship LiveXX2012273130
Worship LiveXX2013275234
Worship LiveXVI200022368
Worship LiveXX2014281427
Worship LiveXX2013274201
Worship Live (1998)XV1998217180
Worship SongXIII1992193164
Worship SongXVII2004238124
Worship SongXII1990182169
Worship SongXIV199419822
Worship SongXI1987173266
Worship Song, 1905V1964101225
Worship Songs Ancient and Modern (1992)XIX2010263246
Yattendon HymnalXVI200022350
Yattendon HymnalXIII199118853
Yattendon Hymnal (1899)XX2013277288
Youth PraiseXIX2010262172
Youth PraiseXVII2004239164
Youth PraiseXVI2000225103
Youth PraiseXII198817769
Youth PraiseXVII2003237105
Youth PraiseXVII2003237108
Youth PraiseXVII2004240180
A (Female) Bookworm Reads Some HymnsXIV1995205172
A Bad Hymn Tune, the History ofIV195987239
Abbreviations of Hymn-Book TitlesIX197914699
Abbreviations of Hymn-Book TitlesX1984161213
Aboriginal MusicXII198917887
A Ceremony of Carols (Britten)XX2014279355
A Charles Wesley PilgrimageXVIII2007253263
A Compile-it-Yourself HymnalX1984161206
Act of Praise, Bradford 2001XVI2002230217
Act of Praise, Leicester, 2002XVII20032342
Act of Praise 1984XI19851622
Act of Praise 1985XI1986166116
Act of Praise 1986XI1987170195
Act of Praise 1986XI1986169171
Act of Praise 1987XII19881742
Act of Praise 1988XII198917886
Act of Praise 1988XII1989181146
Act of Praise 1989XII1990182172
Act of Praise 1990XIII19911868
Act of Praise 1991XIII199219096
Act of Praise 1992XIII1993194196
Act of Praise 1992XIII1992193165
Act of Praise 1993XIV199419812
Act of Praise 1994XIV199420179
Act of Praise 1994XIV1995202121
Act of Praise 1995XIV1996206200
Act of Praise 1996XV199721012
Act of Praise 1997XV1998214110
Act of Praise 1998XV1999218190
Act of Praise 1999XVI200022213
Act of Praise 2000XVI200022592
Act of Praise 2000XVI2001226126
Adam, AlisonXX2014278344
Adam of St VictorVII196911625
Adams, GrahamXX201227292
Adams, Jessie, and The Winds of GodXIII1993196251
Adams, SarahII19484413
Adams, Sarah Flower (Fuller)XX2013276243
Adams, Sarah Flower (Fuller)XX2012273131
Adaptations (Hymn Tunes)XVI2002233300
Addison, JosephXX2012273122
Addison, JosephXIV1996208252
Addison, JosephXX2014281457
Adey, LionelXV1998214113
Adey, LionelXII1990182168
Adey, LionelXII1990184222
Adorno, TheodoreXVI200022355
Adoro Devote, Latens VeritasI1943231
Adoro Devote, Latens VeritasI1946341
Advent AntiphonsXX2014281425
Advertising Standards and HymnsXVII2005243241
A Famous Failure and a Historical SequelI1945311
A Famous Failure and a Historical SequelI1945301
A Feast of Hymns (Regional Event)XV1998216150
Africa, Hymns inIII195466141
Africa - Dutch Reformed ChurchXIX2011269489
African HymnodyXI1986166101
Afrikaans - Metrical PsalmsXIX2011269495
Afrikaans - Metrical PsalmsXIX2011269471
Afrikaans Hymn-BookXVI2002230225
Afrikaans HymnalXIX2011269494
Age and Ageing (Nov. 2002)XVII200323556
A Good Hymn - Techniques for WritingI19474015
A Good Hymn - Techniques for WritingI1947381
A Good Hymn - Techniques for WritingI19473915
A Good Hymn - The Constituents ofI193855
A Good Hymn - The Constituents ofOP11
A Good Hymn - What Makes a Good HymnIII19536390
A Guide to a Church - Use of Hymns inXIII1992193179
A Guide to the Use of Hymns Ancient and Modern (Clowes)XV199721130
A Higher Gift than GraceXVIII2006246349
A Hymn-Book Survey 1980-93XVI200022351
A Hymnal Companion - the Challenge of CreatingXIX2011266363
A Hymn Festival in GermanyIX1980148144
A Hymn for the Dedication of a New BellXIX2010262190
A Hymn Whodunnit?IX1980149166
Ailred of RievaulxXIV1995202118
Ainger, Arthur CampbellXII1990185238
Akeroyde, SamuelXIII1992191114
Akeroyde, SamuelXIII1992190102
A Kettering Hymn BookVIII1977140254
Alan Gaunt's Who is the Greatest of them all?XVIII200624898
Albert, Prince ConsortXIV1996206204
Alcock, John (quotation)IV195987241
Aldeburgh FestivalXX2014279351
Alden John HewlettXVI2001226128
Aldous, J.W.XX2013275228
Alexander's HymnsXV199721136
Alexander, C.F.XX2013276245
Alexander, Cecil FrancesII1948449
Alexander, Cecil FrancesIV19567411
Alexander, Mrs.XVII20032349
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIX200925817
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXVI200022590
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXVI200022596
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIV1994201102
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXV1998214115
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIV199419940
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIV1995205173
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXVI2001227148
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXVI2001227159
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIX20092589
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXV1999220244
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIX2010265355
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIX2010262168
Alexander, Mrs Cecil FrancesXIV1996206201
Alexander, WilliamXIV1995205173
Alexander, William (quote)XV1999220244
Alexander, William L.V19619258
A LimerickXVI2002230235
Alington, C.A.XIV1995205192
Alington, C.A.XIV1996207228
Alington, C.A.VI1968114242
A Literary ParallelIX1981152230
A Literary QuestionIV195985193
Allon, Henry (quote)XIII1993194207
All over the place - 5.XVII200323424
All Over the Place: 1XVI2002231240
All Over the Place: 2XVI2002231244
All Over the Place: 3XVI2002232275
All Over the Place: 4XVI2002233279
A Loose-Leaf HymnalX1984161206
Alphas and Omegas of Hymn WritingXV1998215126
Alstyne, Frances vanXIX200925938
Alstyne, Frances vanXVII200323414
Altering/Editing HymnsIX197914580
Altering/Editing HymnsIX1980148160
Amazing GraceVII1972125217
Ambrose, St - on PsalmodyII194948112
America - What's New, 1975VIII1976135152
America and Watts' 'Psalms'VIII197413057
American and English Hymn Singing ComparedI1940135
American Catholic Hymnody 1969 - 72VIII197312719
American Editions of Hymns A & MXII198817524
American Folk HymnodyVII1971122142
American Hymnals - Recent and ProjectedXII1990182164
American Hymnic Exports to Britain, Germany and ScandinaviaXI1986166103
American HymnodyXI198516456
American HymnodyVIII1976135152
American HymnodyXII198817759
American HymnodyXX2014279373
American HymnodyXIX2010265326
American HymnodyXI1978141148
American HymnodyIV1956741
American HymnodyI1941156
American HymnodyXII198817524
American HymnodyXI1987172230
American HymnodyXVII2005244266
American HymnodyVIII1976137185
American HymnodyXX2013277311
American HymnodyXIII1993197260
American HymnodyXV1998214116
American HymnodyXX2013277313
American HymnodyXI1987172234
American HymnodyXIII1992191134
American HymnodyXI198616699
American HymnodyXV1998214109
American HymnodyX198315690
American HymnodyXII198817655
American HymnodyXI1986169169
American Hymnody (Contemporary)XIV1995204165
American Hymn SurveysIX197814117
American Hymn SurveysIX197814236
American Sacred SongXVII2004241204
Amos, RegXVI200022487
A Mother's Hymns for her ChildrenXII198817772
Ampleforth, LaurenceXVI2001227154
Amps, WilliamXVI200022214
Amsterdam 2013 - the 27th Conference of IAHXX2013277289
A Musical Centenary Celebrated with HymnodyXV199721265
An "Honest to God" Controversy of 1866VI196610666
An Act of Praise: Impressions of an Ordinary Church-goerXI1986169171
Analysis of textsXVII2003237108
An American Sunday Half-HourXIII1992191134
An American TunesmithIX197814350
An Annotated Anthology of Hymns (2002)XVII2005244278
An Arabic HymnalXI1986169188
ancient and modernXIV1996207222
And Another ThingIX197914580
And Can It BeXIII1992191129
And Can It BeXIII1992191114
And Can It BeXIII1992190102
and to the 1720 Edition of his HymnsII1948431
An Endless AlleluiaX198215445
An English-Speaking Hymnal Guide (Routley)XV199721129
An Ever-Rolling Stream?XI1986167139
A New Dictionary of HymnologyXVII200323423
A New Wesley HymnX1984161204
Anglican ChantsIV19567761
Anglican Hymn BookXVI2002231243
Anglican Hymn Book (1965)XVII2004240181
Anglican Hymn Book (1965)XX2013277281
Anglican Hymn Book (1965)XVII2005244272
Anglican Hymn Book (1965)XVII2005242228
Anglican HymnodyXVII2005242214
Anglican Liturgy and HymnsXX201227296
Anglican Liturgy and HymnsXX2012273135
Anglo-Genevan Psalter of 1561V19629596
An Ideal Hymn Book?XVIII2008254325
An International, Ecumenical Hymn BookX198215443
Anne Steele's Drowned FianceXVII2004241198
Anniversaries of 1984X1984160195
Anniversaries of 1984X1984159169
Anniversaries of 1985XI198516218
Anniversaries of 1986XI1986166115
Anniversaries of 1987XI1987170198
Anniversaries of 1988XII198817418
Anniversaries of 1989XII198917894
Anniversaries of 1990XII1990182167
Anniversaries of 1990XII1990184215
Anniversaries of 1991XIII199118619
Anniversaries of 1991XIII199118743
Anniversaries of 1992XIII1992190105
Anniversaries of 1993XIII1993194207
Anniversaries of 1993XIII1993195223
Anniversaries of 1994XIV199419823
Anniversaries of 1995XIV1995202129
Anniversaries of 1996XIV1996206219
Anniversaries of 1997XV199721022