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This section of the website contains links to the archive of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland's Bulletin, which are available to members only. This is an ongoing project with more volumes being digitized over the next couple of years.

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Canterbury Conference 2019 by Michael Garland

Hymn Society Hymn Festival Canterbury Cathedral, July 24th 2019.
Conducted by John Bell, Organist John Webber, Presented by Janet Wootton

Praise the God of our salvation
I love the Lord
When rising from the bed of death
If you are a Son of Man
From Thee all skill and science flow
Sing to the Lord ye distant lands
Sing to the Lord
No Threadbare Song
Mine eyes have seen the glory
Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round
Come and find rest in Christ
All hail the power

Nine Lessons and Carols by Christopher Gray

Part 1: Context
The Anglican church in Cornwall
Three Truro Cathedrals
The carol revival
Benson and his carol service
Carols in Truro in the years running up to 1880’s
Nine Lessons Why did Benson devise the service?
Part 2: Music, authenticity and decisions.
Considerations in our reconstruction
The order of service
Back to the order of service

Choosing Hymns at Christmas by John Barnard

These You Have Loved: Towards A Core Hymnody by Martin Leckebusch


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Soldier of our God, Arise!
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The Rev’d Alasdair P W Fraser, M.A.


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