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The Bulletins are here!

The entire collection of Bulletins dating back to the first issue of October 1937 are now on our archive pages for members of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland to read. The issues cover all of Andrew Pratt's, Christopher Idle's, Bernard Massey's Erik Routley's and Millar Patrick's editorship.

The War years, 1950s, 1960s and every decade up to the present day are covered in the pages of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland's Bulletins.

This is a real treasure trove of historical articles, views, reviews and news. Each one is available to read online or download as PDF files. Earlier Bulletins currently consist of scanned image pages but these will be converted to searchable text and transfer to the Bulletin pages themselves. The PDF files will also be updated to searchable text PDF's. The Interactive index will continue to be updated as these Bulletins are converted to text pages.

There are many fascinating articles in theses Bulletins, some are included in our 80 Treasures. Access to the Bulletins is for members only. Not a member? Why not join us?

Conference 2021 Cancelled

Unfortunately the Conference has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Along with some other organizations, we have reluctantly decided to cancel, once again, our July Conference. With arrangements having to be made very much in advance, and with continuing mixed messages and uncertainty, it is impossible to enter into financial commitments or to plan coherently: a Conference socially spaced, wearing facemasks for the duration, and where singing or holding a Festival of Hymns is not permitted, is a very unattractive prospect.

Read more in the Secretary's Newsletter here.

Coronavirus hymn responses

Three texts have been written by members of the Society in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. One by Bulletin Editor Andrew Pratt This sudden Sabbath gives us pause, a second by Committee Member Graham Deans A Coronavirus Hymn and a third by previous Committee Member Gordon Giles A Hymn for Lockdown.

RSCM website resources

As part of the RSCM offering in the current situation, they are encouraging everyone to join in singing their Hymn for the Day, found here, updated daily Monday to Saturday usually in the early afternoon. The words will appear on screen as the music plays.

For Sundays, the RSCM will be supplying Sunday Self-Service: a short service including hymns, readings, and prayers, which is updated each week on the same page

New: A list of Hymnology Collections from around the UK and Ireland

The latest addition to the website is a list of Hymnology collections, open to the public, from around the UK and Ireland.

The executive wish to extend our thanks to Christine Purcell who works with the Pratt Green Library in Durham and the various libraries that have provided the information. We hope this will provide a useful resource.

The Interactive Bulletin index now available on the website

We have created an interactive index for the Bulletin which covers the historic issues going back to 1937 (as new issues are published these will be added to the index).

The index comprises seven categories which are searchable, downloadable and printable and are made available to everyone visiting the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland website. For members there is an added advantage, each entry will be linked to its relevant article within an issue, directly opening that article when logged into the website. Non members will have the option of becoming a member to view the content.

Volumes XVII, XVIII, XIX and XX (numbers 234-281) are fully linked within the indexes with some parts of volumes of XXI and XXII (numbers 282-296) linked. All of these issues are available to our members to read.

Digitising Volume XVI is complete! Issues for January 2000 - October 2002 (Bulletins 222 - 233) are now linked within the index.

The new Bulletin index page can be found here

If you are a member of the society but do not have a user name or password for the new site (previous user names and passwords will not work on this new site), please contact the webmaster and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope you find this new resource useful.

The Executive of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland

Delegates from the 2017 Conference in Carmarthen

What is The Hymn Society?

It is a diverse group of people, all sharing an interest in hymns. There are about 450 individual members (and over 50 subscribing libraries and other institutions). Some have a special interest in words and/or music, there are hymn writers, composers, hymn book editors; many members are responsible for the choice of hymns in worship, others are hymn enthusiasts or simply enjoy singing hymns.


Short Guides

A number of brief papers on different aspects of hymnody which may be of interest and use to anyone with a love of hymns

The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland

For anyone who enjoys, sings, plays, chooses, introduces, studies, teaches or writes hymns…

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80 Treasures

A carefully selected collection of Treasured articles from the past 80 years of the Hymn Society of Great Britain & Ireland's Bulletins

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