Treasure No 26: Some Useful Dates

Treasure No 26: Some Useful Dates by Andrew Hayden:
An article from Bulletin 99, Winter 1963


Mr Andrew J. Hayden has sent the following list of dates of the deaths of authors and composers of hymns who died between 1951 and 1960. Since such information is often peculiarly difficult to come by, we reproduce it here, with thanks to its author.




Not all actual dates of death are known to Mr Hayden and in some cases there seems to be nothing by the composer or author mentioned in any standard British book. Readers who can supply the blanks may care to share their information with us.

Dr Bernard Massey provided some important amendments and amplifications to the list in Bulletin 99 in Bulletin 102 Vol.5 No 14 January 1965 and these are included within this list.


If you wish to print this out please open the PDF file here.

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