Man with anti-virus face mask

A Coronavirus Hymn

As now a global crisis
Has brought us to our knees,
We pray for those affected
By illness and disease.
Amid their pain and suffering
Anxieties abound;
They look in vain for comfort
As help cannot be found.

When nations are in lockdown
And few can get about,
Their desperation deepens
As faith gives way to doubt.
Our homes become like prisons
In which to be confined;
And many now are fearful
About their state of mind.

O Lord, enthroned in Heaven
Beyond our mortal gaze,
Give now to all the courage
To face these troubled days.
We long for liberation,
And pray for our release
When Christ shall come amongst us
To speak His word of peace.

Suggested tune AURELIA. Most 76 76D tunes would probably be okay.

© Graham D S Deans
26-27 March 2020